The United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development “Rio+20” [fr]


This conference is being held in Rio de Janeiro from 20 to 22 June 2012, 20 years after the first Earth Summit, which had marked a turning point in the consideration of environmental challenges at the international level. It helped foster the recognition of an integrated approach to sustainable development and the fight against poverty, in particular its social and environmental aspects.

Climate change, decline in biodiversity, soil erosion and desertification, increased pollution… The international community must give itself the resources to meet these challenges by strengthening global governance of the environment, which is currently too fragmented and ineffective.

This major global meeting on sustainable development is the opportunity to recreate the civic enthusiasm and political commitment sparked by the Earth Summit in 1992. To this end, France is mobilizing through all of its actors, whether they are public or private, come from civil society or are private citizens.

This special international date is key for France and the European Union:

  • First of all, "Rio+20" is a unique opportunity to carry the project of a world environmental organization (WEO);
  • We are expecting a clear message from "Rio+20", promoting a green economy, concrete advances in terms of setting indicators, beyond GDP, to measure societies’ progress;
  • The conference should also make it possible to give sustainable development the place it deserves within the United Nations, driving a reform of the Commission on Sustainable Development, and, if possible, of the Economic and Social Council;

France will be mobilizing in anticipation of this conference, along with the entire European Union and the many developing countries that share these same concerns.

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