The Cochin Institute is seeking applications for one junior and one senior scientists

Tenure-Track Positions In Vaccine Research

The Cochin Institute

National Institute of Heath and Medical Research

Paris, France

The Cochin Institute is seeking applications for one junior and one senior scientists interested by the development of a dynamic and original research team on vaccines, focused on “Induction of immune responses and vaccine design”.

Purposes of investigation would include in particular:

The Cochin Institute is a large Biomedical Research Centre localized on the campus of one of the major hospitals in Paris, with a staff of about 600 scientists, clinicians, technicians, post-docs and students. It is organized in 46 individual teams, with special interest in infectious diseases and host-pathogen interactions, more particularly HIV. Research activities in the Institute benefit from efficient technical core facilities, including cell imaging, transcriptomics and proteomics, large animal facilities and functional genomics.

Research teams working in Immunology are currently involved in basic research, deciphering the cellular and molecular pathways leading to T cell responses in human and murine models, as well as in therapeutic applications for infectious diseases, cancers and autoimmunity. Several of them are strongly involved in translational research and clinical studies.

The new team will be closely interacting with these groups. It will also collaborate directly with the Clinical Investigation Centre of the hospital and its dedicated immunomonitoring platform, both specialized in vaccine trials.

Depending on her/his background, the selected candidates will receive administrative assistance for applying for grants and permanent positions at University Paris Descartes, CNRS (ATIP ( and Inserm (Junior contracts, Avenir program, Join Inserm program, Interface contracts ( as well as the Chairs of Excellency program and the European Mobility Program (ERC, Marie Curie).

Applicants should provide a curriculum vitae, a list of publications, a two-page summary of their research accomplishments and a brief statement of their future research goals.

They should also arrange for three letters of recommendation to be sent to:

  • Dr Axel KAHN

Director of the Cochin Institute and of the Alfred Jost Federative Research Institute

22, rue Méchain

75014 Paris, France

Tel : (33) 1 40 51 64 57

Fax : (33) 1 40 51 64 73

Email :

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