Opening Speeches

M. Jørgen Abild Andersen
JPEG Director General for the National IT and Telecom Agency
H.E. Bérengère Quincy
JPEG French Ambassador in Denmark - Copenhagen 

Keynote session

Bernard Benhamou
JPEG Delegate on Internet Usage, French Ministry of Research and Higher Education, State Secretariat for the Development of Digital Economy
Gus Hosein
JPEG Policy Director at Privacy International, Advisor to the American Civil Liberties Union, and Visiting Senior Fellow at the London School

Privacy from a vendor point of view

Gabrielle Gauthey
JPEG Senior Vice President, in charge of Public Affairs for Alcatel-Lucent
Caspar Bowden
JPEG Chief Privacy Adviser for Microsoft - leader of the privacy pillar of the Trustworthy Computing initiative across Europe, Middle-East and Africa

First session "Mutation of privacy"

Pierre-Jean Benghozi
JPEG Research Director at the National Centre for Scientific Resarch (CNRS)
Karin Riis-Jørgensen
JPEG Former Member of the European Parliament and Chairwoman of the European Privacy Association
André Laperrière
JPEG Director General of the Global Trust Council - leader of the management team in establishing the new international organisation
Niels Elgaard Larsen
PNG Head of IT-Political Association of Denmark (IT-pol.dk),

Developer Ange Optimization
Camilla Hersom
JPEG President of the Danish Consumer Council, Member of the IKT Council
Kai Rannenberg
JPEG Mobile Business & Multilateral Security, Goethe University Frankfurt

Second session "Trust in new technologies"

Pia Jespersen
JPEG Special consultant at Digital Health, ESL (security manager), CISM
Michel Arnaud
JPEG Professor at Paris Nanterre University, Head of the laboratory on electronic knowledge industries (CRIS)
Achim Klabunde
JPEG Policy officer in the European Commission’s Directorate General for Information Society and Media- Leader of the team in charge of privacy and information security policy for electronic communications
Jakob Illeborg Pagter
JPEG Head of Research and Innovation at the Alexandra Institute Centre for IT Security
Daniel Le Métayer
JPEG Research Director in INRIA, France, and head of the new initiative LICIT
Lena Andersen
JPEG Deputy Commissioner in the Danish Data Protection Agency (DPA), member of the Europol, Schengen and Customs Joint Supervisory Authorities

Third session "Privacy versus security : from conflict to alliance ?"

Saadi Lahlou
JPEG Professor Saadi Lahlou - Director, Institute of Social Psychology London

School of Economics and Political Science, London UK & Membre Associé,

Centre Edgar Morin, CNRS-EHESS, Paris, FR
David Basin
JPEG Chair for Information Security at the Department of Computer Science, ETH Zurich
Stephan Engberg
JPEG Founder and CEO of Priway, lecturer at Copenhagen business School and at the danish IT University
Mark Klamberg
JPEG Doctoral Candidate in Public International Law at the Faculty of Law (Stockholm University)
Max Senges
JPEG Chairman of the Internet Rights and Principles Coalition (an Internet Governance Forum multi-stakeholder group)
Dieter Gollmann
JPEG Security in Distributed Applications, Hamburg University of Technology

Closing remarks

Georg Apenes
JPEG Director of the Norwegian Data Inspectorate, awarded the Rosing Academy`s Honorary Award by The Norwegian Computer Society

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