Serge Haroche, the new French Nobel Laureate in Physics [fr]


After his compatriot Albert Fert in 2007, it is the turn of Serge Haroche to be awarded this year’s Nobel Prize in Physics. The Nobel Academy has awarded the prize for his work in quantum physics.

Already a winner of the Gold Medal from the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) in 2009, Serge Haroche has now landed the supreme accolade of every scientist’s dreams, jointly with American physicist David Wineland. Their work relates to quantum physics and more specifically to the interactions between light and matter. This 20th-century science is concerned with the physics of particles smaller than the atom, which are very difficult to isolate.

Both scientists have shown that it is possible to observe individual particles without destroying them. By doing so they are opening the door to a new era of experimentation in quantum mechanics.

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