Særlig telefonlinje - oplysninger om attentaterne i Paris [fr]

Hotline for victims’ relative abroad : + 33 1 45 50 34 60 .

Statement by President François Hollande

A meeting of the Council of Ministers, convened by the French President, was held on 14 November at midnight.
On the basis of reports by the Prime Minister, the Interior Minister, and the Keeper of the Seals and Justice Minister, a decree declaring a state of emergency was adopted. It takes immediate effect throughout metropolitan France and Corsica.

Among other things, it allows for a ban on the movement of people and the establishment of protection and security zones.

A second decree was also adopted to step up measures in all the communes of Ile-de-France [Paris region]. These provisions make it possible for any person whose activity is dangerous to be put under house arrest, for performance halls and meeting-places to be provisionally closed, for weapons to be handed over and for police searches to be carried out.

Furthermore, the President decided to restore border controls immediately. The customs services are also mobilized to this end.

Schools and universities will be closed today, Saturday, in Ile-de-France, and school trips cancelled.

Hospitals have been mobilized. The Plan Blanc [hospitals emergency mechanism] has been set in motion.

The Foreign, Justice and Health Ministries’ victim support unit, in liaison with police headquarters, has been activated.

A meeting of the [Select] Defence Council was convened for 9.00 a.m. today. An additional 1,500 service personnel have already been mobilized.

The President will remain in Paris and will not take part in the G20 meeting. He will be represented by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Development and the Minister of Finance and Public Accounts

Traveller’s informations

Border controls: French President François Hollande has decided to immediately reinstate systematic border checks.

These checks are performed at road crossing-points, rail, sea and airports .
Airports continue to operate.
Air and rail links are ensured.

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