« Relations sociales et politiques de l’emploi en France » par le Professeur Pierre Dussol [da]


" Relations sociales et politiques de l’emploi en France "

"Social relationships and employment policies in France"

Lundi 27 MARS 2006 DE 17H.00 À 18H.30

au Palais Thott / Kongens Nytorv 4

Langue utilisée pour le débat : anglais

RSVP le JEUDI 23 mars au plus tard à patrick.nedellec@ambafrance-dk.org

Conférence organisée par le service de coopération et d’action culturelle

Mission de coopération scientifique et universitaire

Abstract :

For businesses, and foreigners as well, France is a paradox and is seemingly going against the tide. Conflicts between unions and employers are apparently prevailing over a negotiation approach. Pierre Dussol, a Professor of Economics at the Université Paul Cézanne (Aix-en-Provence, France), will detail the reasons of such a prevalence of conflicts between workers and companies in France.

For Pierre Dussol, that situation cannot be properly understood apart from its historical roots. Indeed, French unions have always been highly reluctant vis-à-vis negotiations viewed as suspicious and untrustworthy procedures.

Even though marxism was prevalent in France, some French unions rejected the marxist approach and developed a so-called “partnership unionism” - known in France as “associationist socialism”. Such a co-management approach, based on negotiation, is a radical change from its historical and conflictual roots. Actually, co-management procedures are presently used to run unemployment and illness funds.

Hence, Pierre Dussol will question whether or not negotiations might prevail over conflicts. Pierre Dussol will suggest this is impossible as long as governments will attempt to interfere within negotiations between employers and unions.

However government interference has paradoxically triggered conflicts and a bias towards status-quo-oriented policies. Indeed, successive French governments have implemented measures designed to raise barriers to job creations and lay-offs. As a result, France has one of the lowest labor force participation rate of Europe.

Such a situation radically differs from the British one. Pierre Dussol will therefore analyse the causes of a growing gap between France and Great Britain where the unemployment rate is twice as low as the French one.

Hence, solutions remain to be designed and two series of questions will consequently be raised. First of all, how turning “unattractive” jobless people into attractive ones ? Secondly, how can we influence mentalities and change the angle from a worker to a business perspective - a first step towards job creation-oriented policies ?

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