Programme of French-Danish scientific and academic cooperation. Call for applications 2012 [fr]

The Programme is managed by the Scientific Service at the French Embassy in Denmark.

Aim of the programme

Its aim is to foster French-Danish applications to the Framework Programme and to promote the development of French-Danish scientific co-operation between universities and public sector research institutes by providing support for new scientific collaborations between two (or more) research teams working on a common project.

We encourage partners already involved in bilateral cooperations to study reinforced partnership possibilities for master or PhD programmes (double degree, Erasmus Mundus), Setting up co-supervision partnerships is also largely encouraged.

This programme also aims at helping young research teams to create collaborations in the framework of an application for larger european fundings (FP1, FP8) via build-up of scientific and technological exchange.

Eligibility and selection

These programmes are accessible to higher education institutions, academic research laboratories or public research organizations.

Projects having previously benefited from the programme of French-Danish co-operation funding for two years are not eligible. Both project leaders will preferably be young researchers beginning their activity as principal investigator. Besides, involvement of young PhD students and/or post-doc researchers is essential.


Calls are launched every year.

Scientific cooperation

The applications will be evaluated by experts appointed by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research.

Besides scientific quality and project conception, main criteria for selection will be:

• Expertise, facilities and track record or potential of the Danish and French teams,

• Complementarity of Danish and French teams,

• Mutual benefit from exchange of skills and knowledge,

• Potential scientific or industrial impact,

• Level of involvement of young researchers.

• Prospects for extension of collaboration to other partners

• Prospects for obtaining “follow-on” funding (FP1, FP8)

Applications are particularly encouraged from newly established teams, from teams led by young researchers and/or for projects where there have been no previous collaborations between the teams involved. Therefore, young scientists are encouraged to get involved as project leaders.

Please note that all applications must specify how young researchers - those studying for a PhD or having less than five years’ post-doctoral research experience - will be involved in the proposed series of exchange visits.

The priorities for 2012 will be within the following fields: green technologies, micro- and nanoengineering, health, food, Information and Communication Technologies, and research related to Greenland.

The applicants must fill in their applications in French or English. Please note that the Danish and French teams must submit the applications exclusively by e-mail (1 file per project with one copy for each partner – please ask for acknowledge of receipt).

Academic Cooperation

A particular interest will be given to these criteria :

• reciprocal recognition of study periods and diploma ;

• Constitution of a network between institutions that guarantee the continuity of actions ;

• taking into account of the possible linguistic barrier and the means engaged to solve this problem.

Final Report

At the end of the project, we kindly ask you to provide us a report describing your collaboration.


Grants cannot exceed 3 000 euros for the scientific cooperation programme et 1500 euros for the academic cooperation programme.

The programme provides a contribution towards international travel and subsistence costs as well as some costs related to the organisation of workshops and seminars. It follows, therefore, that each partner must already have made provision for these and other costs associated with the project.

The rewarded funding is available only for the running year and a new call is launched every year.


  • Application period: 15th of August– 30th of October 2011
  • Results of the selection: mid-January 2012
  • Application forms for scientific cooperation (RTF or PDF) :
PDF - 18.9 kb
(PDF - 18.9 kb)
Zip - 18.5 kb
(Zip - 18.5 kb)
  • Application forms for academic cooperation ( DOCX or PDF) :
PDF - 20.9 kb
(PDF - 20.9 kb)
RTF - 172.2 kb
(RTF - 172.2 kb)


  • Guillaume Stahl, attaché de coopération scientifique et universitaire

Tél :(+45) 33 38 47 03

  • Lene Ditlevsen, assistante de l’attaché

Tél : (+45) 33 38 47 00

address :

Ambassade de France au Danemark

Service de Coopération et d’Action Culturelle

Østergade 18, 1. sal

1100 København K

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