Privacy – not only for the few

Consumers in Denmark meet new technology everywhere in their daily lives – and that is a good thing ! Technology means new products and services and makes our daily lives easier. There are also social gains in terms of increased efficiency. At the same time most consumers depend on the new media and are incautious when it comes to protecting their private information. This does not mean however that we should just stand idly by and cross our fingers that the advantages will keep outnumbering the disadvantages. Or that we should be content with urging those consumers who want to maintain their privacy to disconnect the Internet. The Danish Consumer Council wants to utilise the advantages of new technology and to maintain the right to privacy, and we don’t think that it is one or the other. On the contrary we believe that the problems can be solved by incorporating privacy into the technical solution itself. And by privacy we mean ‘something extra’ : a supplement to legal protection under the Danish Act on Processing of Personal Data. That however requires political will and co-operation between authorities, industry and consumer organisations.

Dernière modification : 01/10/2009

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