Presentation of the participants

Green Network is a student organization at the University of Copenhagen. Green

Network is about one year old. The students engage actively in making the

University of Copenhagen greener and more sustainable to meet the future

challenges. Green Network speaks on behalf of the university’s green student

organizations. They meet regularly with the Rector and the Prorector to share

information and initiatives in the process of making a more sustainable campus.

Green Network is continually expanding their network to other universities in



The Green RUC Initiativea is a student run organization that works for

advancing a sustainable transition of Roskilde University, Denmark. We

believe that the university has a pivotal role in guiding the

development of society and as such should lead the way to a

sustainable future. This should include but not be confined to their

primary goals of education and researh. Also through practicing Campus

Ecology and through outreach activities should the universities guide

society, especially regarding the climate crisis.

Read more on (only in Danish)

Energy Crossroads DK, a student based organisation planning to organise a student summit on climate and energy issues on March 10th-12th 2009.

Energy Crossroads DK is a part of a global coalition for a clean, prosperous and secure energy future ( and the summit in Copenhagen will be the European chapter of a series of student summits around the world through 2009.

The summit will be organised as a role-play game where students will negotiate on how to reach the bold goal of 50% reduction of CO2 emissions by 2025. There will also be keynote speakers to invigorate students and panels discussions to inspire them for the negociations. It will be a great opportunity for students to acquire and share knowledge about this crucial issue, and to network with their fellow students, organizations and possible future employers.

We also aim at making them feel a part of "Generation Renewable", the international and interdisciplinary generation of tomorrow’s leaders who are ready and willing to take serious action on these problems.

The French network of Students in Sustainable Devleopment -REFEDD-: soon online ;)

CO2PENHAGEN: soon online ;)

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