Post-doc position at LNE-SYRTE Observatoire de Paris

A post-doctoral position is available in the « Inertial Sensors » team of LNE-SYRTE. Our team is currently developing cold atom inertial sensors, based on the new techniques of atom interferometry. The postdoc will participate to the ongoing studies on a cold atom gravimeter, whose sensitivity is already better to state of the art absolute instruments. A first generation experiment is currently upgraded in order to reach a relative accuracy below 10-9. Trapping and cooling the atoms in a dipole trap is envisaged in order to reduce systematics shifts due to the residual thermal expansion. The benefit from using ultra cold sources (such as BECs) in this type of interferometer will be evaluated. This experiment will participate to the watt balance project of LNE, which is conducted in Trappes (suburb of Paris).

Funding is already available for a year, starting ideally at the end of November 2007 (but possibly sooner). A good background in atomic physics would be appreciated, as well as good skills in experimental physics.

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Dernière modification : 29/01/2008

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