Mondkopf og Château Marmont optræder på Trailerpark Festival, fra d. 28.- 31. juli 2011 [fr]

Trailerpark Festival indtager i fire dage Copenhagen Skaterpark når festivalen for femte gang løber af stabelen med et vidtfavnende musikprogram af høj kvalitet. Det er kollektivet Art Rebels der står bag festivalen, som i år byder på flere end 60 koncerter med danske og internationale navne, bl.a. de franske Mondkopf og Château-Marmont.

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21-year old Mondkopf from France played the Strøm Festival 2009 in Copenhagen with great success. His very unique and original music evolves around both ambient as well as aggressive and powerful techno. This kid is one to watch for sure.

Château Marmont


Four Frenchmen, childhood friends, united in their love of synth music. Chateau Marmont recently released the album Niburu and they’ve remixed the likes of Röyksopp (among others).

They are heavily inspired by eighties synth-sounds, and will take you on a journey from ambient-ish landscapes to old school party big time. This will be their first time in Denmark, and we are happy to welcome Chateau Marmont at Trailerpark Festival.

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