Goût de / Good France comes back in Copenhagen on March 21rst 2018 [fr]

Join in the Good France adventure and participate in an international event!
For the fourth consecutive year, Goût de France / Good France has been a fun celebration of the vitality of French cuisine, forging ties between chefs around the world.

On 21 March in 150 countries, Goût de France / Good France, organized on the initiative of the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs, boosts the visibility of French cuisine on the world’s 5 continents. From haute cuisine to quality bistro food, offer French-inspired meal in your restaurant and participate in this great celebration.


A unique opportunity to enjoy and share the taste of the flavours of the South West of France!
This year we will be celebrating the richness of the South West French cuisine. The Nouvelle Aquitaine counts among the most celebrated wine producers and has many Michelin-starred restaurants.

Your Menu
Each menu showcases France’s gastronomy while allowing chefs freedom to adapt their offers to their own markets and quality products.

The meals should follow a certain order of dishes:
Main courses
Cheese course
French wines and champagnes

(*) Two desserts may be served if the restaurant owners feel they are unable to provide high-quality cheese.

We would like each menu to be based on cuisine that uses little fat, sugar or salt, shows concern for “good food” and the environment, and features vegetables and grains.
The price is at the restaurant’s discretion. It is suggested that 5% of sales are donated to a local NGO working in the health and environment sectors.

We would be glad to count on the participation of your establishment for this exceptional event and we are inviting you to apply on the site www.goodfrance.com.

All the restaurants participating at the Good France event will be invited to the Masterclass organized by our Chef Etienne Lemaitre. They will be able to discover the diversity of Nouvelle Aquitaine’s products.

For more information please contact: elisa.boutteaud@diplomatie.gouv.fr

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