Cultural life in France is intense. No matter what city you live in, you can see a recent film or play. And with your student ID card, you won’t pay as much for your ticket. Every city has at least one full-service library where you can borrow books, recordings, videos, and more for a very modest membership fee. Every city has bookstores that will happily introduce you to the vibrant contemporary literary scene. You’ll also find museums endowed with rich collections of art, from prehistory to the present.

From the student associations that operate in all French educational institutions you can get inside information on contemporary cultural events.

EduFrance’s Web zine, "Désir de France", offers glimpses of contemporary French culture. A new issue appears online every 6 weeks or so.

You came to France to study, but that’s no reason not to stay in shape. Most French institutions have athletic facilities for their students. Teams and leagues and clubs devoted to the practice of every sport can be found in and around every town. Membership fees are modest and often include insurance against injuries. Track, sailing, diving, golf, riding, martial arts, tennis, football (soccer), mountain climbing, rugby, squash, skiing, basketball, volleyball-the list goes on. If you want to compete, the national university athletics federation organizes games between student teams.

Lastly, your fellow students will probably waste no time in asking you to join in some of the many student-led events that are one of the pleasures of student life.

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Dernière modification : 10/03/2006

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