French diplomacy fully behind the Paris 2024 bid [fr]

Paris is a candidate city to host the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games. The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development (MAEDI), a founding member of the Paris 2024 public interest group, is working with the entire French diplomatic network abroad to support the bid.

More than 50 cities from all over the world support the Paris 2024 bid

On the initiative of Denis Coderre, Mayor of Montreal, more than 50 cities from all over the world announce their support for the Paris Olympic and Paralympic Games 2024 bid.

As Montréal, which is among the first signatories, there are other cities on every continents such as Copenhagen.

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#PARIS2024 the eco-friendly Olympics

The Olympic and Paralympic Games bid committee announces a bold sustainability strategy for 2024. The projects are aligned with the Paris Climate Accord that will make the 2024 Games the most environmentally responsible games to date.

Environmental protection and climate action strategies are at the heart of the Paris 2024 project, in line with the agreement signed by almost 200 countries during the COP21 in 2016.

The Olympic Village will be a model of sustainable development through low-carbon eco-friendly buildings, the 100% use of renewable energies and the enforcement of a zero-waste policy. A fleet of zero-emission vehicles will run through the village throughout the competition.

About transports, the impact of visitors and spectators will represent more than 40% of the carbon footprint reductions thanks to a clean transport policy which includes the innovations of the RATP, official sponsor of Paris 2024.

Read all the latest news about Paris 2024 on the website of the city of Paris

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