France back among the Top 10 most attractive countries for FDI [fr]

JPEGNo. 10, that is the position France has regained in a ranking of the most attractive countries for FDI (foreign direct investment).

Between January and February 2014, the consulting firm A.T. Kearney assessed confidence levels among the leaders of nearly 300 companies in 26 countries. With a confidence rate of 1.74, our country regains its position in the Top 10 most popular countries for FDI, after being relegated to 17th and then 12th place in 2012 and 2013 respectively. At European level, France is in third position, behind its British and German partners, which are in fourth and sixth place respectively.

N.B. The top 25 places in the ranking include 11 European countries : “Europe is becoming attractive again”, stresses A.T. Kearney. Despite a clear slowdown in FDI flows from 2008 onwards, due to the economic and financial crisis, they are now picking up again and even appear to be exceeding the 2012 level. Europe, destabilized in recent times by a climate of uncertainty and febrility in the financial markets, is demonstrating is ability to attract investors again.

This is good news for France. The ranking confirms our country’s attractiveness and its special position in international competition. It is a sign of business executives’ renewed optimism that 29% of them have a positive view of our country’s future. The consultancy firm welcomes the efforts and determination of President François Hollande to improve the French economy’s competitiveness. The Responsibility Pact presented in January is a strong signal sent to investors. A.T. Kearney emphasizes that “companies are beginning to see strong growth potential despite disappointments”. The consulting firm also highlights France’s economic strengths, namely one of the most highly-skilled workforces in Europe and a favourable tax regime for high-tech companies. A.T. Kearney’s press release refers, among other things, to the aerospace and pharmaceutical industries, two cutting-edge sectors where our country benefits from acknowledged expertise.

On Thursday 5 June, Fleur Pellerin, Minister of State for Foreign Trade, the Promotion of Tourism and French Nationals Abroad, welcomed France’s return to the top 10 most attractive countries for FDI. “It has moved up the Foreign Direct Investment Confidence Index two years in a row to be back among the leaders, a sign of international investors’ renewed confidence in the economic reforms begun by the government”, she said.

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Dernière modification : 15/10/2014

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