Foredrag om emnet "The migration of young capitalist elite" [fr]

France BOURGOUIN, PhD i socialantropologi, holdt foredrag om emnet :

” The migration of young capitalist elite”


Tid: Torsdag den 6. december 2007 kl. 17-18.30

Sprog: engelsk

Sted: Det Thottske Palæ, Kongens Nytorv 4

Résumé :

The migration of young capitalist elite: trans- national activities as a new form of mobility.

A growing trend in international migration world-wide concerns the mobility of highly-skilled young capitalist elite to various sites of trans- national capitalism. Increasingly, business people and professionals are not only willing to move in search of higher reward, but in fact, are actively seeking employment opportunities in international labour markets. This seminar will explore these issues by presenting a specific case study focused on the study of highly-skilled African labour migrants to South Africa. It will address the nature and patterns of elite migration from the African continent to Johannesburg within the context of the dynamics of capitalist development, expansion, and accumulation in the city since the fall of apartheid. It will also analyse the role of skilled African migration within these economic dimensions. The fundamental aim is to explore how the rise of new trans- national capitalist activities is influencing the mobility of young professionals and to expand upon the debates concerning skilled migration more generally. This presentation is based on a socio-anthropological study of Johannesburg’s African elite migrant community, and addresses the ways in which issues such as identity and commerce, mobility and displacement, converge within such a community.

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