Festival de films français - Les journées françaises à Nuuk (28 - 30 mai 2010) [da]

Saturday, May 29th, 18.30

JPEGL’Ours (1989)

VO : anglais, sous-titres danois

Durée : 100 min.

Réalisateur : Jean-Jacques Annaud

Synopsis : The Bear, known as L’Ours in its original release, is a feature film directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud. Set in late 19th century British Columbia, Canada, the film tells the story of an orphaned bear cub befriended and protected by an adult male grizzly as hunters pursue

them through the wilds. Dedicated to a family audience, the film will delight

viewers thanks to the astonishing behaviour of the bears and the film’s striking cinematography. Storytelling doesn’t get much purer than this—a film with virtually no dialogue and not a minute that isn’t fascinating !

Saturday, May 29th, 21.00

JPEGLe Dernier Trappeur (2006)

VO : anglais et français, sous-titres danois

Durée : 95 min.

Réalisateur : Nicolas Vanier

Synopsis : This extraordinary film tells the story of Norman Winther, one of the last trappers to live in harmony with the majestic Rocky Mountains. With his wife, Nebraska, a Nahanni Indian, and his faithful sled dogs, Norman takes us on a discovery of another world ruled by the seasons.

Hikes through frozen winter landscapes, trips down stormy rivers and attacks by grizzlies and wolves are all part of a trapper’s daily life. This film is a hymn to a land far above and to the magnificence of its vast, wild spaces.

Sunday, May 30th, 16.00

JPEGIllineq Taakisooq / La Longue Trace (2003)

VO : groenlandais et français, sous-titres anglais

Durée : 52 min.

Réalisateur : Mike Magidson

Synopsis : Filmed by Mike Magidson and Jean-Michel Huctin, this documentary tells the story of Nukaaraq and Mikael, two 17 year-old Greenlanders living in the Children’s home of Uummannaq, who take part in the Children’s Home’s annual dogsled trip. A long journey between mountains and icefjords, between life and dreams.

+ Introduction of the documentary by Jean-Michel Huctin and Ole Jorgen Hammeken

+ Trailer and unseen extracts of the movie “INUK”

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