ENA’s Specialised International Cycles in Public Administration (CISAP)

The Ecole Nationale d’Administration organises advanced training courses for high civil servants from foreign countries. These short sessions are entitled "Specialised International Cycles in Public Administration" (CISAP).

These cycles, reserved to civil servants, managers of principal public services, of state or partially state-owned enterprises, are open to applicants presented by their government and who are holding a matsers or equivalent diploma attesting of at least four years of higher education (in certains cases, their responsabilities can demonstrate the same).

Application forms can be requested at the Department of Cooperation and Cultural Action at the French Embassy, or obtained directly from ENA.

Once filled in and completed with the required documents, applications should be sent by the national authorities to the French Embassy, which transmits them to ENA.

The deadline for applications is one month before the start of each cycle. The registration fee for candidates not holding a French government scholarship is 800 € for the 4 weeks cycle and 600€ for the 2 weeks cycle.

For any further information, and for the catalogue, please click here.

Furthermore, the ENA proposes a short international cycle (9 months), a long international cycle (18 month) and a international cycle for public administration (7 month). For further information about these cycles and their admission procedure, please click here.

Dernière modification : 21/09/2011

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