Café Climat [fr]

Café Climat is an informal event organised by the French Embassy within the framework of the French presidency of the council of EU. The objective of these meetings is to talk about up to date topics linked to climate change and sustainable development, in presence of experts.

You can join us in two kinds of Café Climat:

Café Climat DTU, in partnership with DTU, Polyteknisk Forening and VCaf

Café Climat downtown, in partnership with Green network and VCaf.

You can participate to both Café Climat, since we always manage to talk about different topics, with different experts.

For the first Café Climat DTU, we were pleased to receive around a glass of wine 60 people to share ideas with experts from the European Environment Agency, the Danish Commission on climate change policy and Risø DTU, about climate change in general. For the second Café Climat DTU, we received around 30 people to talk about water management and climate change in presence of experts from DTU, the Ministry of Climate and Energy and DHI group.

About Café Climat downtown, the first Café Climat welcomed in café Katz 40 people, about climate change, with experts from UNEP Risø and the European Environment Agency. For the second Café Climat, around 30 people came to talk and debate about waste management and climate change, with professionals from DTU and Dakofa.

What about next Cafés?

Next Café Climat DTU will be held on November, 5th at 3.30pm. For the topic Health and Climate change, Francesca Racioppi head of the Italian office of WHO, will be speaker.

Next Café Climat downtown, held on November 12th at 8pm at café Katz, will approach the climate refugees topic, in presence of experts from Friends of the Earth France and France Nature Environment.

So book your day now and come to Café Climat!

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