Abstract Malene Møller Ruszkai

The Municipality of Copenhagen wishes that the City of Copenhagen can continue being an attractive place to live and an attractive city to investe in. This should - among other things - be gained by effectiveness and quality in the services provided by the municipality and the creation of a solid ground of trust for its citizens and companies. An importante precondition for this, is to be able to establish an appopriate and sufficient level of It-Security that lives up to the Act on Processing of Personal Data and that it is also in accordance with the at all time existing praxis in Denmark for public authorities within this area.

I would like to take the opportunity during my speech, to describe the process that the Municipality of Copenhagen has undergoned with reference to draw up a new It-Security Policy and I would also like to

refer to the regulations that reflects the above mentioned level of It-security and its results.

Dernière modification : 17/06/2009

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